Microchip PIC32MZ Network over USB Demo Kit available on GitHub


This is a demonstration kit for the Belcarra PIC32MZ USBLAN Driver using either of Microchip's PIC32MZ EF Starter Kit or PIC32MZ EF Curiosity Board.

The kit demonstrates how Networking over USB can be used as an alternative to Ethernet or WiFi and provide lower cost networking to a Microchip PIC32MZ based board with performance that is close to Ethernet at over 80Mbps per second.

Networking over USB allows a point to point network connection to be used between the PIC32MZ board and a Windows, Mac or Linux host.

This kit is based on the Microchip Harmony 3 Framework demonstration project however it is not necessary to have the Harmony 3 Framework or the MPLAB Code Configurator installed.