USB TestDrive Windows Setup

This document is part of series about Belcarra’s USB Testdrive, a quick and easy system for setting up and testing USB solutions between a Windows host and a Gumstix Overo.

The TestDrive system can be used to test and evaluate various USB networking solutions. This document describes
  • How to prepare a Windows test machine
  • How to obtain Belcarra’s USBLAN Windows driver which transparently supports CDC-ECM, CDC-EEM, CDC-NCM.
  • How to run definitive tests to determine reliability, endurance and speed of network links, using industry standard tools.
A USB system consists of a host and one or more peripherals, also known as targets. The TestDrive system uses Windows (all recent versions) as the host environment, and the Gumstix Overo as the target.

Windows Setup and Testing