Belcarra USBLAN for Microchip PIC32 Networking over USB Demonstration

November 2019 Update

NOW AVAILABLE - High Speed USBLAN PIC32MZ Implementation


The Microchip PIC32 allows for implementation of a Full Speed USB device.

Implementing a Networking over USB solution allows a PIC32 based design to connect to a Microsoft Windows system and use TCP/IP network connections using the Belcarra Windows USBLAN Class driver.

Microchip makes available a TCP/IP stack and a demonstration application that implements a Web Server. In their demo the Web Server can be accessed via the Ethernet.

Belcarra has created a Networking over USB driver (USBLAN Function Driver) for Microchip that allows the TCP/IP stack to use USB to connect to a Windows system.  A demonstration kit is available to demonstrate this capability.

This demonstration kit is adapted from Microchips Ethernet implementation of  a web server demo. The Belcarra kit uses the v2.9a version of USB from Microchip and has been implemented with the most recent production version v5.42 of the Microchip TCP/IP stack. Belcarra can also on request make available a version of this demo using the Microchip version v6 Beta TCP/IP stack.

Belcarra’s implementation of Networking over USB for the Microchip PIC32 is a very low cost networking solution for PIC32 projects, eliminating the need to add an Ethernet chip while using less Flash and RAM resources.

Demonstration Kit  [Updated April 4, 2015]

There are three hex project files
 (download zip files):
NOTE: updated version 2015-04-06
  • belcarra-microchip-ethernet-v5-2014-01-23.hex - the Microchip demo accessed via Ethernet only 
  • belcarra-microchip-usblan-v5-2014-01-23.hex- the Microchip demo accessed via USBLAN (USB PHY) 
  • belcarra-microchip-bridge-v5-2014-01-23.hex- the Microchip demo access via USBLAN or Ethernet
Any of these can be loaded into the PIC32 Starter Kit board using the instructions below.


  • Windows Development System (Windows 7 recommended)
  • Windows Test System (Windows 7 recommended)
  • MPLAB-X from Microchip installed on the Windows Development system
  •  PIC32 Ethernet Starter Kit (DM320004
  • HEX files containing the Belcarra Demonstration (usblan and ethernet)
  • Internet access for Windows Update or a downloaded copy of the Belcarra Windows USBLAN Demonstration Driver


  • Install MPLAB-X on the Windows Development System
  • The Windows Test System must have Internet access
  • The Windows Test System should have a System Restore Point created to simplify removal of test drivers.

Read the full document (.pdf)  with download link: