Simple CDC-ECM network using Belcarra's USBLAN for Windows

The following information outlines how to configure and load the Linux gadget modules to setup a simple USB CDC-ECM portocol network using Belcarra's freely available evaluation version of USBLAN for Windows.

Firstly,take a Linux kernel and reconfigure it as follows:

- Add the following line if not present
- Remove the following lines if present

Then run the configuration tool again to get a consistent set of configuration values.  The lines that were removed above will re-appear, but preceded by # so that they have no effect..

This has the effect of building the module g_ether so that it offers the ECM protocol. To use it
 modprobe g_ether idVendor=0x15ec idProduct=0xd041

The preceding is for a module installed into the root filesystem.

If you have not done but that want to use a local module binary then the procedure
 insmod g_ether.ko idVendor=0x15ec idProduct=0xd041
where the module binary needs to be in the current working directory.

To determine if a module is running type:

To remove module g_ether from the running kernel:
 rmmod g_ether

This operation is blocked if the module is built into the kernel:

If you see the above in the configuration, change y to m

For more information please refer to the Belcarra USBLAN OEM Manual