USBLAN Driver available in Windows Update

Year end review of the Windows Update program that enabled end users to simply and silently install Belcarra USBLAN deemed it as a success.
New Belcarra USBLAN customer kits are required to pass Windows Hardware Quality Labs testing review as well as the previous regime of stress tests.
Microsoft signed USBLAN driver from Windows Update no longer requires system restart or user input during installation.
For more information a fairly comprehensive deployment guide is available here.

[UPDATE - July 20,2011 USBLAN Version 2.4 Released Download OEM Manual]

See also: Linux Gadget VID/PID Patch for USBLAN Evaluation
These patches (download here) modify the Linux Ethernet Gadget default CDC Vendor and Product ID to match the Belcarra USBLAN Evaluation kits available from Windows Update.