Belcarra USB TestDrive

Belcarra supports an environment for testing USB Networking protocols. This paper, is the first in a series and will provide an overview of this environment which includes both USB Host and USB Device side software components.

Belcarra’s Overo USB TestDrive is a Linux based test system based on the Gumstix Overo board. The Overo board is a low cost hardware development system using a Texas Instruments OMAP series of System On Chip (SOC) technology. It supports USB 2.0 for both host and client implementations.


The TestDrive system can be used to test and evaluate various USB Networking protocols and implementations:
  • Gadget based network and filestorage function drivers
  • Belcarra based network and mass storage function drivers
  • Belcarra Windows USBLAN class driver
The USB TestDrive kit contains:
  • Overo ROOTFS
  • Compiled Linux kernel and modules
  • script to create an SD card to boot an Overo
Network test tools included:
  • wget / wput
  • iperf
  • apache
  • ping and pingall script