USBLAN 2.4.1 Available

USBLAN 2.4.0 release provided support for CDC-NCM and Microsoft NDIS 6.

USBLAN 2.4.1 now adds support for the Microsoft RNDIS protocol.

OEM's with with WinCE, embedded Linux or other devices configured to use RNDIS can now simply take advantage of USBLAN's many networking features such as:
  • DHCP Service – DHCP service is not need on target or Windows, USBLAN's built in DHCP server option can be used to co-ordinate and assign address of both the host and device network interfaces 
  • Composite function – the USBLAN driver is fully compatible with the Windows USB composite function support 
  • WHQL – drivers are fully compatible with Microsoft Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) tests and procedures 
  • Multiple devices can be connected allowing peer to peer networking and to the Windows desktop.
An evaluation version and OEM manual are freely available