Windows 7 Unpatched

Installing Belcarra USBLAN on a Windows 7 system that is not up to date with security patches may fail.

Running the setup.bat file which uses DPInst.exe to preinstall the driver will work correctly, but after plugging your device in you may see the following or similar dialog boxes.

In the Device manager you will see an error icon next to the network driver associated with your device. These indicate that the target Windows 7 system does not have the current set of root certificates and security patches.

USBLAN 2.4.11 and later installation kits will have an additional win7up directory containing drivers signed according to the requirements for an unpatched version of Windows 7.
Please note that these drivers will not work on older versions of Windows (XP or Vista) or newer (patched Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10.)
NOTE: Before you can use these drivers you will need to un-install the drivers previously installed. Do this using the Program and Features, Uninstall a Program section of the control panel.
Follow with a command window to run the setup.bat file and an additional argument to get it to use the older driver:
Setup.bat win7up
Then plug in your device again. When finished use the device manager to verify that the network adapter is working with no errors.