Belcarra USBLAN  for Windows is a USB network class driver for Microsoft Windows.
Features include the following:
  • Support for 32 bit and 64 bit Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP and Windows 8
    •  NDIS 5
    •  NDIS 6 
  • Fully WDM (Windows Driver Model) compliant
  • HCK/WHQL Certified
  • Silent installation – no user warnings from Microsoft during installation.
  • Installation via Windows Update
  • Support for a variety of network protocols
    • CDC-ECM (Ethernet Control Model)
    • CDC-EEM (Ethernet Emulation Model)
    • CDC-NCM (Network Control Model)
    • ECM-Basic, Gadget SIMPLE
    • RNDIS
  • Seamless customization for vendors includes information (INF) and catalogue (CAT) files and Microsoft WHQL/HCK submission.
  • Internal DHCP server available to assist in zero-configuration network setup
  • Multicast support (allowing device/host discovery using mDNS).
  • Extensive compliance and stress testing
    • USB Compliance Tool – USB Command Verifier
    • Extensive stress testing against many devices
    • Wide field deployment with many actual devices
  • Tested with Windows Driver Test Manager (DTM)
  • Windows Logo Kit testing available
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Evaluation Guide available: